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Develop and manage an efficient Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

Are you confident with your organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery response? Between the unpredictability of natural disasters, IT security and data breaches, and numerous incidents, preparedness can help your organization anticipate, predict and better manage possible incidents.

Take this course to learn from a practical “how to” guide built to make you explore all important aspects of a Business Continuity Management Programme (BCMP), for all types of organizations. You will then learn how you can help your organization grow securely by using proven frameworks.

Course objectives

By achieving this course, you will :

• gain a comprehensive understanding of the best practices of Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in compliance with ISO 22301
• learn how to establish a framework that allows your organization to continue efficiently during disruptive events
• master the key concepts related BCMS procedures

You will also have the opportunity to get your ISO 22301 Lead Auditor credentials. You can afterwards use it to showcase your knowledge, distinguish your expertise and prove your commitment to professional development.

What you will learn

Acquire the knowledge to support an organization from planning, to implementing, to managing, to monitoring and to improving a BCMS. Based on implementation best practice and ISO 22301 requirements, this course will give you an understanding of the founding blocks of business continuity management system and how to interpret and implement it in specific organization.

2000.1 - Leadership & Governance : Learn the fundamental business continuity principles and concepts : the BCMS purpose and value, the leadership commitment, the roles, responsibilities and authorities as well as the BCM policy.

2000.2 - Planning & Program Management :
Explore requirements such as project management, setting the scope and objectives, managing change and the program Maintenance as well as documentation.

2000.3 - The Business Impact Analysis :
Discover the purpose, types, methodology, analysis, reporting and communicating processes of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

2000.4 - The Risk Assessment :
Deepen your knowledge on purpose, types, methodology, analysis, reporting and communication processes of the risk assessment.

2000.5 - Determining & Documenting the Strategy :
Expand your understanding on risk appetite, protecting prioritized activities, determining resource requirements and documenting the strategy.

2000.6 - Implementing the Procedures :
Learn to implement documentation requirements, incident response structure, communication procedures and business continuity and recovery procedures.

2000.7 - Checking the Procedures :
Validate your procedures with awareness needs, competency requirements and exercise program.

2000.8 - Performance Evaluation :
Conclude monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation, evaluating BC procedures, internal audits and self-assessment as well as management review.

Included in the course materials are case studies, multimedia, small group activities, games, and takeaways such as sample policies, a BIA/Risk assessment tool, case study, open for business toolkit, templates that meet ISO 22301 requirements, and more. You will also have access to content from ISO 22313, 22317, 22318, 22320, 22398, and 31000.

Who is this for?

This course is designed for any professionals responsible for developing and for maintaining conformity with BCMS requirements within an organization:

  • those new to BCM
  • consultants, internal audits, risk management professionals and project managers involved in business continuity
  • expert advisors seeking to master the implementation of the business continuity management system


For the ICOR ISO 22301 : Implementing ISO 22301, no prior knowledge is required.


The ISO 22301 Lead Implementer certification exam is included. The certification exam can also be challenged online without taking a course.

Exams are a combination of multiple choice and short-answer problem solving. To earn the certification requires a score of 75% or higher in each competency area. 2.1 CEUs

BCM 2000/3000 : ICOR ISO 22301 Lead Implementer
ISO 22301 Lead Implementer Certification

Other advantages

  • Certification Exam is included in the course fee
  • This course entitles to a free one-year membership to ICOR

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